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Who We Are

We're Ned and Sukh a couple from London who have decided to take on the mammoth adventure that is the Mongol Rally, together we make Team Directionally Challenged. Ned has worked in the IT industry for the past 7 years where as Sukh recently graduated and is currently working as a Bacteriology Scientist.

Ned has wanted to do the Mongol Rally since he heard about it two years ago in the news. He has always enjoyed driving and travelling so why not combine the two into the ultimate road-trip and see many parts of the world most people wouldn't even think about when planning their summer holiday. 


Sukh on the other hand took a little convincing, being the self-proclaimed princess she is driving 10,000 miles through deserts, mountains and various other terrain in a small car, camping and a general lack of creature comforts didn't quite appeal. However once she'd gotten a glimpse of what the Mongol Rally really entailed and a little bit of badgering from me it didn't take much more and she was on-board. 


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